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      Welcome Nanjing Hengwang biological pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Company official website! E-mail Login | Home | Contact
      Main Product:3-Methyl-2-buten-1-ol | propargylamine | 1-bromo-6-chloroheptane

      Nanjing Hengwang Biomedical Co., Ltd. is a high-tech private enterprise integrated of scientific research and trade. It is professional in research, manufacturing and customized production of medical intermediates.

      Hengwang lays emphasis on new product research and human resource development. Its products are widely applied in medical, pesticide, dyes and liquid crystal industries, even have been exported to Europe, America and Southeast Asia regions.

      » Nanjing Hengwang Biomedical Co., Ltd.
      » Address: No. 158, Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park...
      » Contact: Mr. Rong
      » Tel:+86-25-86199365、+86-18061201868
      » QQ:3008731410
      » E-mail:sales@blakechem.com    » URL:www.bcsmall.com

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